Does the vacuum should be filled out as? Since its birth in ancient Greece, Western culture has been obsessed by the fear of emptiness. But White space is fertile! I’ve been experiencing in my painting, I felt that these blanks, gaps, absences and silences are like absolute poem or music, are an active part by creating an internal dynamic.

These are my new spaces desired geographical coordinates are both a sentimental and reflective geography, where the color persists, dialogue and struggle with anything. Giacometti said that “The purpose of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity” … this is my premise, that allows me to launch the horizon these paintings, whose initial whiteness have given me the right to dream but also the color thoughtful empty, creating spaces with its own vocabulary, looking for a personal construction of the world and myself.

Mix media / Canvas

Diptych – 2 x (50 x 70 cm.)