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 From Abstraction


Time is diluted. The moment is prolonged. Space and thoughts come to life.

This exhibition proposal aims to show the creative and experimental process of my latest artistic productions. In modern man beats a nostalgia and a need to imagine utopian places of remembrance and desire, recreating a geography of longed-for spaces, this is how my series of DESIRED SPACES, emotional geographical coordinates, an interior Google-maps emerges, creating spaces in which I would like to live.

With this feeling of exile and search I find in matter and color faith in the face of the certain existence of a primordial home. In a first stage the color arises from the inner need to fill voids, but in my experimental process of space I have encountered the silences and struggled with the voids, taking me toquestion r: Should the voidbe filled anyway? Since its birth in ancient Greece, our Western culture has been obsessed with horror in a vacuum. But white space is fertile! I have been experiencing it in my painting, I have felt that these blanks, hollows, absences and absolutes are like the silences of the poem or music, constitute its active part, creating an internal dynamism.  White is not empty, it is not background, it is the protagonist, it is the energy that envelops everything.  This is how the series EXILIO, WHERE THE SILENCE LIVES and THOUGHTS TO THE FERTILE VACUUM arises.

For me color is paramount and working in conscious reference to the absence of color has led me to a constant struggle and dialogue with colors to create harmony even using all possible colors. That’s my big challenge and inspiration. Even my “white” is made with the three basic colors, in the end, the supposed absence of color is not! Creating life and air is another challenge.

There is silence before we are born, there is silence in death, so what is life? It’s that noise between those two unsygable silences. A vital and reflective noise of color that persists, dialogues and struggles with nothing.  This is also how the ABSTRACT THINKING series emerges.

Giacometti stated that “The purpose of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” This is my premise, which allows me to throw on the horizon these canvases, whose initial whiteness have given me the right to dream of color, but also with well-thought-out voids, creating spaces with one’s own vocabulary, in search of a personal construction of the world and myself.

As an artist I give myself, and at the same time provide the public with a stage for their perceptions, questions and reflections inhabiting color and above all white space, sharing with them the right to dream.