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👁️‍🗨️I am very proud to be part of this great project as a guest artist with renowned masters of contemporary art from India. Some of them I was able to meet at the painting symposium in which I participated.
Thank you for the invitation to “Art Fort India” 🇮🇳, Big thanks to organizers and curator Prabhinder Lall, Jangs Verman Many success for each of the participating artists especially for Kashmiri Khosa, Ravinder Singh Rauthan Gusain, Shrikant Kadam, Aparazita Rahman, S.m. Ehsan, Tiziana Tafuri
📌Online International Art Exhibition 👁️‍🗨️ 06 OCTOBER- 06 NOVEMBER 2020
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On the other hand, it was great to receive an invitation to be part of an online exhibition project in the months of May, June and July. We received the invitation of the Society for Prabal Pramanik’s Academy of #Arts, Bhamlada. India 🇮🇳

Thanks a lot to them and curator Prabhinder Lall, much success to all artists, today more than ever we need to be united.You can see my participation here.


This adventure began in September 2019 upon receiving invitation from the Faculty of Art of SRI SRI University in Odisha, India to participate in the Third Painting Symposium that were being curated by Shama Shondi.

The planned dates would be for January 2020, I thought there was no better way to start the year. And it was! It took me several months to organize my trip, letters, certificates, visa, tickets, accommodation in Delhi, contact artists, visits, etc.

What excited me most was the meeting with other artists, the Symposium would be 14 days, all living in the student residence of the university. All day painting together, chatting, making presentations of our work and trajectory every afternoon, eating in the university dining room, we did some walks with the students of the faculty as well. All this was enriching, a
wonderful experience while we knew each other and approached through the rich Hindu culture.

Artists from several countries, such as Bangladesh, Tibet, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy, France, Spain and Peru, participated with me, of course!

We met remarkably interesting people, we enjoyed the kindness and hospitality of the Hindu people at every step. I learned a lot and realized that this is a different trip, India makes you travel with your heart. Unforgettable!




This is my proposal for the collective exhibition WOMEN AND TIME A series of intimate portraits, reflections of my feelings and realities in essence. They are of different apparent ages but I recognize myself in them, I am all of them at the same time. These works portray my feminine presence as memory and as consciousness.
In addition, as part of my creative process are basic starting points to detach myself from the figurative and let me flow in the abstract. Before I discarded them, now having more awareness of their meaning, I keep them. There have been many throughout these years, are works never before exposed.


Esta es mi propuesta para la exposición colectiva MUJER Y TIEMPO Una serie de retratos intimistas, reflejos de mi sentir y realidades en esencia. Son de diferentes aparentes edades pero me reconozco en ellas, soy las tres al mismo tiempo. Estas obras retratan mi presencia femenina como memoria y como conciencia.
Además, como parte de mi proceso creativo son puntos de inicio básicos para desligarme del figurativo y dejarme fluir en los abstractos. Antes los desechaba, ahora teniendo mas conciencia de su sentido las conservo. Han sido muchas a lo largo de estos años, son obras nunca antes expuestas.

DONA I TEMPS. A cura de Clara Trucco

De l’1 de març al 6 d’abril

Inauguració dijous 1 de març a les 19.30h. Acció inaugural d’Anna Sagrera

 Dijous 15 de març a les 19h. Visita guiada amb les / els artistes

 Què és el temps? Què representa el temps per a cada dona? L’organització del temps, el pas del temps, la falta de temps. El temps col·lectiu i el temps individual. Però també des de la memòria, des del record, des de la seva realitat present i a partir de les expectatives de futur. Com sent el temps, com ho percep i com decideix representar-ho.

 Artistes: Nathalie Gautier, Fabian Fernández Caeiro, Virginia Zimanás, Raquel Nériz, Katia Muñoz, Nuria Moreno, Raquel Bistuer, Ana Maria Beaulieu, Inés Grosclaude, Manuela Tello, Mercedes Casas Ocampo, Alba Aragonés,Juan Ramón Rojas, Marcela Jardón, Mónica Caterberg, Marita Sampedro, Maria Antònia Mateu Salvà, Patricia Bobillo, Carla Bossi Viqueira, Judith Belmonte Rivera, Elisabet Belmonte Rivera, Mireia Muñoz, Paloma Rodríguez, Tomás Müller, FEMME SOROLL (Llorenç Conejo Vila i Nadine Marina, Kharma Estrany, Vicky Benítez Blanco, Plácido Domínguez, Míriam Morales Polar, Carles Roca, Paula Leiva Granger, Nadia Faus, Patxi Fernández, Isabelle Domingo, Laia Riera Sanjaume, Kostas Korkoutas. Amb la participació del taller “Dona i Temps” per a dones de la Barceloneta.

EXPOSICIÓ ART I DONA 2018 / Programada en el marc del 8 de març -Dia Internacional de la Dona-LUGAR: C.C.BARCELONETA. Conreria 1-9. Barcelona.